Monday, October 10, 2011

Trying to fall into a fall schedule....

Hello. Yes I am updating, no I dont have a way to put pics on here :( sorry.
All in all we have been very busy since school has started. We have had one big event every week since the middle of August!! We are just getting back into some sort of routine since school, awana, and my fall work schedule have started. We are all very much in need of some regularity!

Dan has obviously been back to school since the begining of September, and has helped out at football games and stayed after school for other extracurricular activites. Most of the time he is home by 330 which we ALL love!! He played in a mens softball league and also a coed league with me. He has been able to ride his motorcycle to school most days. Yes I did let him buy a motorcycle in August. He loves it and it is definilty saving us gas money. I am sure it has not paid for itself yet but it definilty was a good "investment." He seems to really enjoy it!
I have been able to ride with him 3 times. We went away to The Shack in Newaygo for our 5th annversary adn we took the bike! It was defiinitly scary at first but I quickly got use to it and realized we will NOT be going cross country or even across the state on this bike!! My hips could barely take the hour drive we took each day while we were away. When we returned from the getaway we picked Calli up at Booshies and headed to Detriot for a Tigers game!! The Tigers won in the last inning but I was too busy standing in line to run the bases with Calli to see the end of the game! She did like watching the game but we walked around and did the free activites becasue it was kids day.
In September, we were able to get away for another weekend and go to a Tigers game with some close friends. We stayed at the Greektown Casino and we played some slot machines. We spent the $20 vouchers the hotel gave us and we came out with $18 cash. We didn't exactly win but we didnt play any of our own money so it seemed like we won :)
He has been healthy most of the fall but was diagnosed with pneumonia on Saturday, he had a fever, lack of energy, chills, body aches sunday-saturday last week and got a great antibiotic which seemed to help almost immediatley! Which was good because we had a wedding on Saturday evening.

Andi has changed so much since my last post! We took the side rail off her crib about 2 weeks after my last post and also she was potty trained by the middle of August! Her language skills are definilty growing every day!! She hardly ever says something we dont understand! Calli dn her are definilty the best of friends still but Andi is standing up for herself more and more! She still loves her baby dolls as her children. She loves the show Bubble Guppies and it seems to be getting more popular with her than Barney. Andi has been mostly healthy this fall but her allergies seem to still be affected in the fall~ she is getting tubes put back in her ears tomorrow morning to help with that. She had them at 9months but those tubes have moved so they will take those out and put new ones in.

Calli has started Awana Cubbies again which she loves! She is definitly getting ready for some more activites too! She asks "When will I be able to... play softball, volleyball, soccer, go to school, ride a school bus, have babies, go to Sparks, etc." She is so eager to grow up!! She is determined to grow her hair out like Rapunzel and to do that she is eating all the crust of her bread (one of her friends told her that I swear it wasn't me) and she is letting me use conditioner in her hair (yes that one is my little fib). She is still wearing dreses on a daily basis. She is definitly the girly girl which I have to admit is very fun! I have gotten very good at french braiding and other hair things and am always on the look out for dresses especially now with the cooler weather :) Another question that she asks almost daily is "Where can we go today?" She is such a social little girl. She loves it when we have plans and if our day consists of staying at home she tries to think of a friend who might want to come over.

I have not only been busy with my own little hooligans but Micah still comes over 3 days a week and also my friends son (another 1 yr old) comes over when his grandma cant watch him. The girls really seem to enjoy having the boys over. I am working 6 nightrs every 2 weeks at Pine Rest. 5/6 of the shifts are sleep shifts and the one night that i work a 3rd shift is only temporary. We have many fultimers out on med/maternity leave and so I volunteered to work 1 extra night per week. I am so glad that tonight marks the half way point of my 6 weeks helping out! I really enjoy my sleep and Tuesdays are a tough day after no sleep! I have been able to get away one time to scrapbook in Septemeber and I have another retreat I am signed up for in November. I have not been running regularly at all just becasue we have been so busy!! I love running but it takes a back seat to family time.

Ok I think that updates you on most of our life... I think and hope that it is slowing down! I look forward in my planner and silently rejoice that there are no real crazy plans/vacations until March and April!!